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Sunday Funday {Newborn Baby Photographer Billings Montana}

It’s Sunday, ahhhhhhhh.  Brian is ALWAYS the first one out of bed, I am ALWAYS the last.  I wake up and stumbleView full post »

It’s not Thanksgiving BUT… {Family Photographer Billings Montana}

The past few day all I have been able to think about is just how stinking lucky I am, how lucky we all are.  I took theView full post »

Thursday and Miss S! {Baby and Child Photography in Billings Montana}

Hello world, it’s a great day to be at Jeffery Lewis’ office— I mean Itty-Bitty Portraits!  I have soView full post »

The V Family {Family Photographer Itty-Bitty Portraits}

-BUSY-BUSY-BUSY- The calendar is packing full, as full as I can handle it and still maintain some sanity with my sweetView full post »

tiny friends {Billings Montana Preemie Photographer}

Just had to share some pics of some very special babies from this months NICU shoot, I think the pictures say it all. View full post »

Mr. R HAPPY BIRTHDAY! {Childrens Photographer Itty-Bitty Portraits Billings Montana}

Everyone say hello to Mr. R!  By the way, thanks for coming to check out the blog, this week has been CRAZY andView full post »

Mr. D Smiles! {Baby, Child and Family Photographer Billings Montana}

Photographing children isn’t easy, photography can be complicated, wardrobes–lighting–accessories&#View full post »

All sugar! {Child Photographer Billings Montana Itty-Bitty Portraits}

This little one = all sugar.  From smiles to practically looking like she was posing Miss R I love you!  View full post »

So blessed…

I feel so blessed to know this cute family, not only did I get to photograph their baby I also photographed theirView full post »

our family {Billings Family Photographer}

With all the commotion around here and getting about 2 seconds away from some sort of activity  we knew we were TIGHTView full post »

fresh… awwww {baby photographer itty-bitty portraits}

so fresh, I know all of you mommas can smell that fresh baby smell and remember everything from their soft skin to theirView full post »

alive but tired…. {Child Photographer Billings Montana}

am I alive?   YES! YES! YES!  but…. after my fantastic vacation I am quite behind so….. I must keep thisView full post »

Mr. B and Mr. G {Childrens Photographer Billings Montana}

a client very near and dear to my heart and oh how much she loves her little man!View full post »

Mr. H {Baby Photographer Billings Montana}

Each baby is so different,  soon after becoming a mother you make mental notes of things you find to be soothing toView full post »

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