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Welcome to Lewistown! {Lewistown Family Photography}

I often get asked if I travel, well here is the answer, YES.  This fabulous client had her sweet little familyView full post »

the B kids {Billings Montana Childrens Photographer Itty-Bitty Portraits}

All the way from the east coast, then to Sheridan, Helena, Billings and back home these little ones are travelers! View full post »

Wildflowers at Red Lodge {Red Lodge Montana Family Photographer}

Beautiful family, beautiful flowers and Red Lodge, what more could I ask for?  I don’t think anything!  View full post »

Pose {Senior Photography Billings Montana}

This senior session went a little something like this: “Hi, I am Katie.  You don’t know it but I amView full post »

fishin {Childrens Photography Billings Montana}

This makes me happy, little boys and their stinky feet, talking about tractors, cars and fishing.  It’sView full post »

lovely {Billings Montana Family Photographer}

You know those people who can’t take a BAD picture?  That just look LOVELY no matter what way they are facing, View full post »

lil cowgirl {baby photographer billings montana}

Hopefully cute baby pictures will do for now, I promise to write something cute and meaningful after I get off of theView full post »

It’s Time! {Child and Family Photographer Billings Montana}

It’s time to show you something NEW and something AMAZING!  I really wanted to show this off last week along withView full post »

Love in a big family! {Family Photographer Billings Montana}

There is so much love in bigger families, it’s just radiant.  Say hello to my friend and co-worker Angelique andView full post »

the A family, and new mr.h {Baby Photographer Billings Montana}

Why baby photos?  Why would you ever let this escape you?  Isn’t he precious?  I was working with a client on aView full post »

Giving Back {Baby Photographer NICU Photography Billings Montana}

Even in the crazy months it is so important to me to give back.  God has placed talent in this body for me to shareView full post »

Session Album {Itty-Bitty Portraits Products Billings Montana Photographer}

It’s beautiful and a best seller, say “HELLO LADY” to our Session Album!  This 9×9 inch album isView full post »

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