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Tiny Friends of the NICU

It had been almost 8 weeks since I had entered “NICU Retirement” when I snuck back up to photograph it’View full post »

Saying Goodbye

Well, I set this post to publish at 7:01 am so right now I am probably waiting to give report.  I have a few moreView full post »

NICU Photography—> Happy Halloween!

I get asked probably every day “Do you still REALLY work in the NICU? WHY??” Well, let me give it to youView full post »

Baby Photographer Billings Montana- NICU v4 2012

It’s about time for me to photograph the NICU again and I have yet to post the pics from last time! Between theView full post »

NICU Photography {Billings Montana Photography Studio Itty-Bitty Portraits Photographer}

It is that time again, sharing the sweet little faces I am able to see when I visit the NICU with the March of Dimes forView full post »

NICU Photography at Itty-Bitty Portraits-Billings, Montana Photography Studio

Better late than never right?  Before Christmas I  had to to leave a stack of work for myself to finish up that wasn&#View full post »

tiny friends {Billings Montana Baby Photographer}

I put off posting these for a bit due to the hustle and bustle around here getting all these family, holiday and mini-View full post »

March of Dimes {Baby and NICU Photography Billings Montana}

I could never deny a baby, I love them so much.  When we were little my mom use to pull out the Pamida sales ad and weView full post »

Giving Back {Baby Photographer NICU Photography Billings Montana}

Even in the crazy months it is so important to me to give back.  God has placed talent in this body for me to shareView full post »

tiny friends {Billings Montana Preemie Photographer}

Just had to share some pics of some very special babies from this months NICU shoot, I think the pictures say it all. View full post »

Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions {Photography Billings Montana, Baby, Child, Family, Maternity Photographer}

For all of you taking advantage of our Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions I have added a few outfit ideas for you!  TheView full post »

The tiny ones… {NICU Baby Photography through the March of Dimes}

Yet another fabulous NICU photo shoot all done with the help of Jen at the March of Dimes.  How A-M-A-Z-I-N-G theseView full post »

Mother’s Day Special {Billings Montana Family Photographer}

You have heard me harping HERE and HERE and you know I stand firmly on my soap box insisting that all of us moms MUSTView full post »

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