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Immerse- Photography Mentoring for Moms

Well hi. I know you’re frustrated, it is disgusting isn’t it?  That overly expensive paper weight… you know what I am talking about.  Your camera.  Just sitting there, looking you in the eye like it’s smarter than you- ha! That overpriced, cocky-combobulation of plastic, glass and witchery.  You even tried to bond with it over 2 hours of soccer Saturday, 300 pictures later you didn’t even enjoy a moment of the game, all for that handful of pictures that are in focus. Oh, you loathe that crafty yet confusing stallion.   Time to immerse– lose the frustration, dive into the world of photography so those moments you love so much can be spent cheering your son on, not spent in a power struggle behind your camera.

As of April 2014 all classes are done One-to-One with Tina

Here is how it goes:

9:00 AM- Morning Session  a.k.a. Breaking the Witchery

We will be:

  • Understanding camera modes, focus points, and photography lingo.
  • We will be discussing ISO, shutter speeds, aperture, lighting & composition.
  • We will cover what each of these terms mean and why cameras are so amazing, yet hard to tame.

11:00 AM-  Live Shooting putting it all into practise

12:00- Lunch with Tina and more photo talk, we check out my favorite photography books, talk about other great things to do with your photos and get you all revitalized for the afternoon!

1:00 PM- Afternoon Session a.k.a. Goodbye Witchery

You have the basics under your belt, you have fallen in love with photography now it’s time to have fun.

  • We will talk lenses, color, composition,  technical shooting and finally, what to do with all those beautiful photos.
  • Image backup, hard drives, albums, printing companies, online resources, photo gifts etc.
  • You will also receive access to our list of 50+ amazing photography links!

3:00-4:00 PM- My mom told me “Practice makes perfect” and my mom does know best.  So guess what?  More live shooting.

This is where all the steps come together, we talk about composition, color and how to make your images look their very best.

5:00 PM- You are excited (a teensy bit nervous) but ready to take on the wold and show off your beautiful photos.  You are at home with your family and seeing every room and every bit of light totally differently but the fun isn’t done yet.  Remember what I said about my mom?  Well it’s time to put it to work.  Practice makes perfect.

Following class you are provided with:

  • 10 online lessons to do at your own pace.  Weekly seems to work best but this part is 100% up to you!
  • 2 bonus lessons.  Just because.
  • 50+ links to help you continue to grow.  Links for equipment, rentals, resources, good photography reads and more.
  • You will be added to a private group of past Immerse Attendees to share, ask questions and enjoy good company
  • Tina’s advise, critique and helping hand through all 10 lessons.

Sounds like fun right?

After the class, the fun doesn’t stop!   All of our past Immerse students gather for hands-on shooting demonstrations and continued mentoring several times/year!  We can’t get enough.

  • All mentoring is now one-on-one or private group only, see below
  • DSLR camera recommended, if you are ready to purchase your DSLR we recommend contacting Tina for suggestions prior to purchasing
  • This class is 100% designed for those wanting to capture clearer and truer images of their children, gain valuable resources and immerse in photography- not for those wanting to become a photographer.
  • No photographers or aspiring photographers please.

To register now, pay below.  Following your purchase we will contact you to find the perfect date for your mentoring.  Please know weekend mentoring is only offered once every 8 weeks and does fill quickly.

Due to the custom nature of what we do you can expect your mentoring to take place 2-8 weeks in advance.

You may purchase by clicking the links below which will take you through a PayPal checkout or you can also visit or call our studio:

Ca-Layla/T. Stinson Photography

219 N Broadway Suite B

(406) 534-4311


Price- $425

As explained above, one-to-one mentoring with Tina

Class date to be determined with Tina, we will find a date that works great for both schedules following purchase


Same as above but you pick your group of friends plus each of you save $100 on your registration. 

Class will be held on the same day for all those purchasing together. 

Up to 4 “friends” may register together for the same date.

Price- $325 Each

Please indicate all who will be registering with you at checkout in the comments/notes field


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