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Our Modern Family {Billings Montana Newborn Baby Photographer}

It’s Sunday, I was commanded by my husband to REST and RELAX as he snowmobiles today….. after a crazy wee, me getting sick, and another coming right around the corner I am taking full advantage of “On Demand” movies and plan on only going to Wal-Mart (GASP: My friends know I avoid that place at all costs) at 10:00 pm still in my pj’s with now bra and only because we are missing many of the essentials in the household– coffee, wine, beer and toothpaste.  So, until 10:00 when all the isles are all picked through and it will be only me, a few other mommas and employees, I will be chilling with the babes; coloring, napping, and watching Mega Mind as Sunday is family day right?

Right on to my next topic, do y’all watch Modern Family? If you don’t on Wednesdays, you are really missing out.  It’s to the point where on Thursdays, it’s the first topic of conversation with my BFF.   I don’t know if my family is just incredibly bizarre or if everyone relates to their episodes like we do but sometimes I do feel like they have my mom’s house mic’d on the holidays for footage.  Although, I do not have a Cuban step-mom, or a homosexual brother…. I think we really fit the part.



example 1- the episode of Cam in the “too tight bike shorts,” I truly believe it originated from our own Wy-Tucky episode that began when my sister-in-law forgot my brother’s bag for a long weekend trip to my mom’s house and we all woke up to my brother cooking breakfast in a pair of cuffed bottom sweat pants that I had left in my dresser when I went to college for a very good reason— they were too small for me1999.  You can understand the surprise of finding this grown man in some seam-ripping sweats cooking breakfast for all of us with nothing else on but his cowboy boots, can you say uncomfortable?  YIKES!

example 2- the fort episode, how could you not relate if you have made a fort with your parents as a child or if you have ever built one for your own kiddo’s.  Something that seems so “simple” and something your child will enjoy for years can quickly turn into a marital breakdown with children in tears…. assembly is a tad more complicated than they really indicate.


example 3- Momma loves her holidays, Loves them!  We aren’t very easy on my mom, especially when it comes to the holidays.  We kid that she has every inflatable ever made (pretty sure this could be scientifically proven) and I do barrow the inflatable birthday cake every chance I get.  I remember hiding in a coffin— yes a wood coffin— on my mom’s front lawn and jumping out of it scaring my fellow classmates, she went all out and still does at every occasion!  I think Spirit Halloween opened in Billings with her in mind so when I watched Claire create her Halloween extravaganza, I had only love in my heart.


example 4- need I elaborate?? Thank you writers of Modern Family for finally showcasing something everyone in Billings appreciates.  Oh, and I hear Costco is getting wedding dresses…… for real.


example 5- Fizbo the clown.  We don’t have a “clown” but what we do have at our house is some dance moves created by my brother, he is a character and much like a slot machine, the more you cheer him on and the more beer you bring him, the funnier it gets.  He has a couple of moves that debuted in Billings and have really taken off, one of his originals involves cocktail napkins and black lights– something we like to call Sparklers.  Part of the dance involves him eating the napkin and well—  the napkin reappearing.  Fizbo would be proud.


example 6- The family picture….. Yes, we were bad.  We were awful.  My mom wanted a family picture and we made the mistake of trying this ourselves, everyone was in town, my mom lives in a rural area, I had a “nice camera” which was a sony camera from Sears, this was pre-kids, pre-photography, pre-everything.  It was high noon in July, we got a ladder, grabbed everyone in the family including my grandma and looked at the the ladder.  Lets just say, IT WAS AWFUL.  So when I watched the episode of the family going through what we went through…. my abs got a work out from laughing.

exmple 7-   I am not so crafy, and not so into the “school” thing.  My sister and mother on the other hand, totally oposite.  Claire could be little Mona and I am sure my little sister will follow right into her footsteps.  You will get to see the little trendy dress she has made for Miss K soon after her next photo session.  She aspires to be a 4-H sewing judge, she is qualified.  Now will someone please ask her?



Example 8- the kids bringing them breakfast in bed when Claire and Phil were in “bed” but not exactly sleeping.  Yes, this has happened and you would be a big fat liar if you said it hasn’t happened to you! Another hilarious episode.

example 9-  As far as I know, this hasn’t happened in my family but that doesn’t mean that after a few too many glasses of wine next Thanksgiving the true story may be disclosed.  It just seems too much like “Our Family” for it be not based on actual events that did occur somewhere within my family tree.  If you missed this episode, Phil (my favorite guy) tried to surprise Claire in their hotel room but…. he was in an old granny’s room.  Good Stuff.

example 10- Phil.  Sometimes I think he is my husband– it’s his lines.  My favorite part of Phil = Clive.  When he and Claire did a little role playing on a date and he decided to be “Clive,” since then my husband has at times pulled out some “Clive” lines.  Oh how I love them!  Now don’t forget to set your DVR, you won’t regret it!


March 27, 2011 - 12:37 pm

Kim - Its okay to be jealous of my sewing abilities, I was going to make your girls dresses but I may re-think that ;) Matthew will never live down the sweat pants.

March 27, 2011 - 11:12 pm

Rebecca - Tina – I will never forget the episode with the little tight biking shorts – poor guy – that was so very awkward – for all of us!!!

March 28, 2011 - 9:13 pm

Lindsay Woods - I love modern family too OMG love it so much Mike and I never can get enough. Glad you feel the same.

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