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My Girls. Huge Overshare.

I love photographs.


This I know.


I also know my health and my family are the two most important things I have. Period. No questions asked.


I truly believe that is why I love photographing my little girls so very, very much— it reminds me of their simple nature and how blessed I truly am.


It is so hard for me to relate to people who refer to photography as “getting their picture made” or refer to what I do as something that can be replicated in a mall.  After 8+ years I truly don’t think about it much but this week I have.


I look at my girls photos and I see their goosebumps and I remember that chilly morning.  I see Layla’s scabs and remember the ‘kiss it betters’ and the band aid wrappers on the carpet in the hallway.  I see Calli’s “BIG” smile and remember her snorting all the time last year then saying “what was that?”   For me, it’s not the making of the photograph or what they are wearing.  It’s the emotion.  It’s everything that I love so much, it’s all there.


I know I am over sharing.  I make no apologies, there are plenty of other placed on the web for you to browse.  My point is, I hope you can see my little girls emotion and think of your kids and what you want to remember because there is one thing I know– it will soon be gone.  Wiggling teeth will fall out, favorite blankets will not survive the wash, teddy will start leaking brain matter (it’s tragic seeing teddy deflate) BUT what I loved about today is looking at the pictures I took late last summer  and seeing perfection in imperfection.  Layla rubbing her favorite spot on her tattered blanket.  Teddy looking rather voluptuous yet worn.  It’s all preserved for me and my family which means so much.


I am sure one day albums with these photos will be shown off to Calli and Layla’s kids and we will talk about all the funny things they did when they were little and compare to my someday grandchildren (WOW).  It’s hard to imagine but I know the day will come.  It’s really amazing isn’t it?


So, what is holding you back?    Is it time?  If you are considering a session I would encourage you to make it happen, there are so many amazing things you don’t want to miss.  I have been guilty of leaving my camera behind after chasing client’s kids around and missing out on moments my girls will never do again.  You don’t get retakes, there are no ways to reproduce missed moments.


Why not enjoy it?


Why not celebrate it?


Why not fall in love with it and let it be something you will cherish forever?


Make it happen.

xoxo, Tina

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