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playing a thing we call catchup

well…. it’s late, I am working hard… not that I really take all that much time off  BUT I do love what I do.  I have Calli Brynn here on my lap giggling, jumping up to air guitar occasionally and then telling me how pretty I am after an afternoon in the pool…. she apparently is tired and not seeing things clearly…. but I have to say, what a great day!  From sun up to sun down we are running, enjoying and blasting from one point to another.  Every day has it’s agenda, not all of it get’s completed BUT what does happen is the good stuff, hugs and kisses every day, prayers at meals and bedtime, cuddles, smooches, puppy kisses, wrestle mania when daddy comes home, runs, bike rides, phone calls to all the family, messages all day to my sister……. even though it’s a wild ride and both Brian and I are working away still, all of the good things got checked off the list today and they will tomorrow. :)   That is what being a family is about RIGHT?

So…. enjoy a sweet family…. a GREAT family!!! A family that was glowing with happiness just watching their little man be his happy-self just as they were when he was born!  So happy to see them again!!!!  They were so much fun to photograph and truly a B-E-A-UTIFUL family!!!!!

nighty-night world!


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